Damien Valentine – Hailing from: A place better than you
Height: 6’0 – Weight: 88kgs
Signature moves: Suplex, roll through falcon arrow, schoolboy superkick.
Finisher: Valentines Day Massacre (pump handle drop)
Facebook: Damien Valentine – Instagram: damienvalentinethe1st
Trained By: FFW, Dutch Courage Gym

A royal subject born into wealth and nobility, Damien Valentine is a vain self proclaimed king who lives life by the moto ‘Everyday is Valentine’s day’. Born with a silver spoon in one hand and a mirror in the other. ‘The Handsome One’ has had the world and all of its contents handed to him all his life. Though this does not stop ‘The King’ working hard to hone his physical prowess and wrestling abilities. A man who’s apparent ‘reflection is perfection’, Damien Valentine vows to sit on the throne of FFW and look gorgeous while doing so!