Magic Myers
Height – 5’5
Weight – 73kg
Hailing from Gainsborough
Hometown – Lincoln
Signature move – Magic Maker/Smoke and mirrors
Trained By – FFW, Dutch Courage Gym

A signature blend of smooth quick style, hard hitting and high flying make Magic Myers the big thing in a small package. Making his fight factory debut in October 2016, just 3 months after joining the academy, Magic Myers is the fastest ever academy product to rise up through the ranks, Myers quickly set his sights on championships and in January 2018 Myers capture the FFW Junior Heavyweight Championship, regularly defending the title Myers has given huge prestige to the title which he believes it has always deserved. Myers is also a one time Fight Factory Wrestling Tag Team Champion. When Magic Myers steps in the building he lets you know and when it’s all said and done in the end everyone always Believes in Magic.