Name – ‘The Untouchable’ Will Jackson
Age – 29
Height – 5ft 11’
Weight – 190lbs
From – Brigg, England
Finishing Move – ‘Lights Out’
Accomplishments – 1st Ever FFW Heavyweight Champion & current FFW European Champion
Facebook – @WillJacksonOfficial
Trained by: RDW-GWA, NGW, FFW

Debuting in 2012, Jackson has ‘been there, beat them all’ in promotions across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Originally trained in Grimsby, the man known as Untouchable, began to turn heads when he started climbing the ranks in NGW (New Generation Wrestling) and FFW (Fight Factory Wrestling) A regular of Fight Factory Wrestling following the Company’s inception, Jackson was the first ever FFW Heavyweight Champion, headlining the first Bodyslams to Cancer event. Following a hiatus from professional wrestling, Jackson returned to FFW in September 2018 to prove he still is everything he claims to be. Never afraid to mix it up verbally or physically, The Untouchable continues to live by the motto of….by Any Means Necessary.